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MAGIC is an Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) funded project.


We feel it is important to  communicate all of our work and therefore produce a quaterly Circular summarising our achievements so far. The latest editions of the Circular can be downloaded from here:

Hello from the wind tunnel at surrey

Within the Department of Geography, initial work will focus on further development of the multi-scale atmospheric model ATHAM-Fluidity, the state-of-the-art large-eddy simulation (LES) CFD model to be used for MAGIC, towards simulating airflow, dispersion and temperatures within an urban setting.

ATHAM-Fluidity is a new open-source model borne from previous collaborations between the University's atmospheric process group and the Applied Modelling and Computation Group (ACMG) at Imperial College London (ICL).

ATHAM-Fluidity simulation (James O'Neill, 2017)

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The Wind Tunnel at Surrey (A. Robins et al, 2017)

Credit: Eric Fischer via Flickr

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Airlabs- Head of Air Flow Design

University of Cambridge-Research Associate in LES simulations

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Testing started this week in the wind tunnel at the University of Surrey. Our Researchers at Surrey have constructed a replica of the buildings within 200m of our test site building at Elephant and Castle.

The aim of this experiment is to carry out a number of tests to examine wind flow (and thus pollution dispersion) in this area of London. We will validate the results from the wind tunnel with actual results from the sensors that will be placed around Elephant and Castle during summer 2017.