our mission

Develop cities with no air pollution or heat island effect

The ultimate aim of this project is to find a cost-beneficial method in which to change the way our cities are developing. The Victorians improved health by covering sewage systems- let's see if we can do the same by improving air quality.


02. Work with others to improve our research

This project encompases a transdisciplinary research group from the Universities of Cambridge, Surrey and ICL, but we know that innovations take place beyond our reach, therefore we want to work with other academics and industry partners to further our work.


03. Share our research to improve global communities

We want to inform decision makers to ensure the results of this project can benefit cities across the globe, therefore we are excited to share all elements of our research to ensure the sustainable development of cities for the future.

our partners

Outstanding research is the foundation for the development of world-changing ideas and products, however academic knowledge cannot make these changes alone. We feel that excellent partnerships, providing meaningful collaborations, are the key to making any project a success. We have big visions for the outcome of the MAGIC project and are excited to hear from others that can ensure our plans are realised.

As such, we are looking to hear from anybody who feels that they or their organisation has the key skills, interests and capabilities required to ensure MAGIC is a success.

Our offer to you:

  • Collaborative effort to ensure the success of MAGIC.
  • Full transparency of the project at each stage of development.
  • Regular communications updates about the project.
  • Networking opportunities with other project partners.
  • Reference of your involvement, where appropriate.

What can you offer MAGIC:

  • Willingness to share ideas and openly communicate about MAGIC in our partner forums.
  • Drive to push MAGIC forward to ensure successful global project growth and implementation.
  • Ideally a commitment in-kind or financially to support the MAGIC project.

partners meeting


For information and resources from our latest Partners Meeting, please click here

what does it mean to be a partner?

“Managing Air for Green Inner Cities (MAGIC) is an important initiative for Breathing Buildings because the holistic approach to improving thermal comfort and air quality, and reducing energy consumption, are core to the values of our company. Our ability to apply novel natural and hybrid ventilation systems is limited by the constraints imposed on our buildings by the external environment. It is vital that the design of the built environment is considered in the context of the external environment, which is of course in turn affected by the scale and nature of the buildings themselves.

Looking to the future city, with more attention paid to external factors such as reducing combustion engine emissions and increased use of green space and water features, there are significant knock-on effects for the buildings. With quieter and cleaner external spaces, and ones where perhaps even the external temperature is buffered more effectively to reduce the heat island effect, the opportunity for low energy ventilation solutions becomes greater. The viscious downwards cycle of more mechanical systems to cope with unpleasant external environments which increases the level of pollutants in the external environment can be broken, and transformed into a cycle of sustainable development.”

about partnerships

Envisaging a world with greener cities.

Shaun Fitzgerald,

CEO - Breathing Buildings,

Cambridge, UK

our partners

We have a number of successful partnerships with  organisations from around the globe interested in MAGIC, but we are always looking for further opportunities to collaborate with industrial partners and other researchers in order to ensure that MAGIC is a success.