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magic partners meeting, OCTOBER 2019 - update

Thank you to everyone who attended our partners meeting on October 24th, 2019, at the Howard Centre, Downing College, Cambridge. As we move into the final year of the project, the focus of the day was on the potential practical applications of MAGIC and building on the success of the project so far, as well as technical updates from the team. 

Presentations were as follows:

 - Paul Linden (University of Cambridge): Project Update & MAGIC in the Planning Process

 - Anna Schroeder (University of Cambridge): London Traffic Study

 - Monica von Schmalensee (White Arkitekter): Improvement in the Living Environment - Lessons from Sweden

 - Alan Robins (University of Surrey): MAGIC Futures - the funding space

 - Nabeel Shaikh and Fabio Galatioto: Taking MAGIC forward – PARK: accelerating the Process for Accessing and using Research outputs & Knowledge

 - Huw Woodward (Imperial) and Martin Seaton (CERC): Modelling of Short Range Puff Dispersion

Minutes of the meeting can be downloaded here

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