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magic partners meeting, SEPTEMBER 2018 - update

MAGIC Partners gather at Downing College, Cambridge.

Credit: Eric Fischer via Flickr



Our September MAGIC Partners Meeting was held at Downing College, Cambridge, with over 50 colleagues and friends from across industry, policy and academia in attendance.  

Highlights included external presentations from Transport for London's Principal Transport Modeller, Birendra Shrestha, who explained the work being done to promote 'healthy streets' in London and reduce air pollution for all Londoners, including cyclists and pedestrians; and from Cambustion's Mark Peckham, who explained the role of 'transients'  (acceleration, deceleration and un-smooth driving, for example), in contributing to vehicle emissions and air pollution. 

There were also updates from the MAGIC team, including the latest on our new Cambridge test site from Shiwei Fan and a full update on the modelling work from Fangxin Fang. All our team presentations are listed opposite, along with the meeting minutes and full attendee list.